Who am I?

Forever Frozen

Sitting on the window sill is a picture of a boy His eyes are sparkling with innocence and joy The smile on his face could have lighten up a room And his laugh of amazement could have brought a smile to your face. His hair of chestnut is blowing in the breeze While his mommy is in the background Arms stretched out and on her knees Her face mirrored of the look on the boy Both are smiling and there eyes glittered with joy

Now as the days have passed the boy no longer smiles And the mother is all but tears His laugh doesn’t fill the air no more As his mother cries and mourns. He was young only the small age of three His face of an angel all peaceful and light,

As they lower his coffin into the ground Everyone thinks back to the days before The boy whose eyes sparkled with joy Whose smile could fill you with love with one look Is forever frozen in the photograph.

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